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Liechtenstein (Canton): 4 Apartments & Houses to buy

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Industry, finance, tourism and the princely family

Liechtenstein is a small German-speaking state located between Switzerland and Austria. It has an area of ​​160 km2 and has 38,750 inhabitants, 30% of whom are foreigners (mainly Swiss, Austrians, Germans and Italians). To the west, the 41 km border with Switzerland follows the Rhine very precisely. To the east, on the Austrian side, a 35 km border crosses high mountains. Liechtenstein is a principality headed by Prince Hans-Adam II. Its capital Vaduz has 5,450 inhabitants and its largest city, Schaan, has 5,983. This small state does not have an airport and its 140 km of roads are perfectly maintained. The train connects Switzerland with Austria. A bus network makes it possible to travel from one municipality to another and to Switzerland. The principality's GDP per capita and one of the highest in the world. The country has more than 4,500 businesses and its economy is largely based on industry, followed by finance and tourism and a small agricultural sector. In the Oberland to the south there are indeed cultivated fields and small farms. To see: the Museum of Fine Arts and its astonishing architecture, the National Museum, the Postal Museum. To admire from afar, on the mountain, the castle of Vaduz, residence of the princely family.

Real estate: living in Liechtenstein

The currency of Liechtenstein is the Swiss franc. The official language is German, the usual language Swiss German and the native population uses a dialect, Liechtenstein. Note that French is the principality's first foreign language. As the country offers as many jobs as it has inhabitants, many commuters cross the border every day to work. The real estate mainly consists of small residential buildings and beautiful chalets, a characteristic of this mountainous region. Vaduz is full of restaurants, lively cafes, boutiques and art galleries, and has an auditorium. The only theater in the principality is in Schaan. It can be cramped in this small area, but Switzerland is very close. St. Gallen is about sixty kilometers away and Zurich a little over a hundred. The mountainous territory of this state makes it an ideal destination for high-end winter tourism. On the southern slopes of the mountains stretches a small vineyard operated by a hundred winegrowers. The standard of living of the people of Liechtenstein is one of the highest on the planet. Finding accommodation there is not easy. Real estate prices are very high there.