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Panorama of the major Swiss cities - where you can live and invest

Discover the most attractive Swiss cities in a blink of an eye with our city guides.

Discover the most dynamic Swiss cities!

Traditional or cosmopolitan, vibrant or peaceful, located close to the borders or in the very heart of Switzerland, urban life in Switzerland offer very varied experiences. All Swiss cities have their own charm and economic dynamics. Life in Switzerland means being surrounded with outstanding landscapes. Wherever you go, you are never very far from the majestic mountains or the beautiful, breathtaking lake. Lookmove city guidebook presents the specific characteristics of the most attractive Swiss cities: their culture, history, economy, heritage, tradition, demography, natural environment, used languages and, of course, real estate! Become familiar with the quality of life and trends on the real estate market and find the property that best fits your dream of living abroad - or your investment project.