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We help buyers
find their perfect
new home.

At Lookmove, we make the home buying experience smooth and simple with a network of trusted real estate partner agents and our cutting-edge technology.
or find properties for sale now!

Simplify your property search with our advanced technology

Because we knew there was a better and smarter way to find your future home…
The largest real estate offer on the Swiss market

Our technology browses all major real estate websites and brings into one place all of the listings of properties for sale available on the Swiss market. No need to jump from one portal to another, everything is available on Lookmove now!

Property listings that are truly reliable and up to date

It is frustrating to keep waiting for a reply regarding a property that has already been sold or rented. In order to save your time, our technology verifies and filters, data many times per day to remove any outdated listings from Lookmove as soon as possible.

One property = one listing

Nothing is more irritating and counter-productive than finding many listings related to the same property. In order to provide you with a complete and well-organised offer, Lookmove filters and sorts all the listings to remove duplicates.

Listing Centralization Technology

Looking for a property to buy?

Create an alert in few clicks and be automatically notified when a new property matching your criteria hits the Swiss market!

Let one of our local partner agents assist you to make sure that you buy with confidence.

We firmly believe that the combination of expertise of real estate professionals and digital technology is the key to help you find the property that suits you.
Carefully selected real estate agents

We choose our partner agents for their professionalism, diligence, awareness of the specificity of their territories, and the ability to offer top quality services to both buyers and sellers.

Local and experienced professionals

Good property agents are rooted in their territories. They must know their sector, the available services, and local trends, so as to advise their customers in the best possible way. This is why we have created a network of partner agents at the level of French-speaking Switzerland who perfectly know their territories.

Technology at the service of partner agents.

Lookmove takes care of technology, while partner real estate professionals focus on advising customers. We help our partner agents by bringing them efficient tools so they can respond in an appropriate, quick, and customised manner to the needs of their clients.

Partner agent network

Need help from a professional?

Our partner agents are here to help you to find your dream home or apartment.

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