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Discover Allschwil

The residential suburb of Basel

A dynamic city in a rapidly growing region

Allschwil is a municipality in the German-speaking half-canton of Basel-Land. About 4 km separates it from the center of Basel without having to leave the urban area. It is in a way the residential suburb of the neighboring metropolis to which it is effectively connected by tram and bus lines. For those who prefer walking, a nice stroll to do is the Bachgraben promenade. It connects the two municipalities. This does not exclude taking public transport to get to the start of the walk. With nearly 21,400 inhabitants, this former agricultural village has become the largest town in the canton. The proximity of its large neighbor with its services, its cultural life, its leisure activities is an asset for Allschwil both for living and for working. In addition to a network of SMEs offering many jobs, international companies such as Actelion, Coop Mineraloel, Fisher Clinical Services, Solvay or Violliery have chosen to settle there. The French border and the Alsace region are close and have similar architectures. To see: the old half-timbered houses in the historic center, including the Walmerhaus dating from the 16th century and the Church of Saint Peter and Paul built on a Roman site.

Real estate: living in Allschwil

Like the entire administrative district of Basel-Landschaft, the city of Allschwil is German-speaking, while its neighbor Basel is officially bilingual. To live there, it is therefore preferable to speak German. In addition to the old city center, Lindenplatz in the heart of a large residential district is a lively place where you can choose to stroll in the park with hundred-year-old trees, go shopping or settle in on sunny days on restaurant terraces. Desires for nature find their fulfillment in the Allschwiler Forest, a popular recreation area. Living in Allschwil allows you to enjoy excellent infrastructure: schools, sports centers, theaters (Allschwil has three) shopping centers or nice shops. In addition to the small weekly markets, there are two large markets for fresh produce, crafts and flea markets which take place in spring and autumn. The proximity to Basel, its university, its activities, the Bâle-Mulhouse-Friborg international airport are undeniable assets for the municipality. Basel is in fact in the top three of the 10 cities in the world offering the best quality of life. Real estate prices are therefore in the upper middle range in Switzerland. This is somewhat less the case in Allschwil, where property prices are slightly lower.