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Discover Delémont

Calm in Jura

With prestigious school and historical heritage, Delémont is growing

Delémont, almost 13,000 inhabitants (the Delémontains) is the French-speaking capital of the Republic and of the Canton of Jura. This ancient medieval city is located in the center of a quadrilateral formed by the cities of Basel (40 km), Biel (50 km), La Chaux-de-Fonds (60 km) and Belfort in France (65 km). It is served by rail and the A 16 (the Transjurane). Delémont is a small quiet town which is home to the seat of the Parliament and of the Government of the Republic and Canton of Jura as well as several business and residential areas. It hosts the prestigious School of Management Informatics (ESIG), the University of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) shared with Neuchâtel, the Berne-Jura-Neuchâtel University of Education (HEP-BEJUNE), which trains people in the professions primary, secondary and special education. The Jura region has aroused genuine interest both for its natural sites and for its historical heritage. To see in Delémont: the castle, former summer residence of the Prince-Bishops of Basel, now a school; the Saint-Marcel church; City Hall ; the three fountains of the Savage, Saint Maurice and the Virgin. To visit: the Jura museum of art and history.

Real estate: living in Delémont

Delémont was awarded the Wakker Prize in 2006, which rewards municipalities making efforts for harmonious urban development, in particular from an architectural point of view, while protecting and enhancing their historical and real estate heritage. It is in the Watch Valley, a tourist destination which, from Geneva to Basel, covers the Swiss Jura Arc where the main watchmaking centers are located. Delémont is a small town in the countryside, perfect for families with children. Those who enjoy city activity and leisure can visit Basel, which is only about 40 kilometers away. The crests of the Jura welcome hikers. The Béridier viewpoint offers a panorama over the Delémont valley, the Boulaines park and the Colliard reserve appeal to nature lovers. The old town is home to the weekly market (Wednesday and Saturday morning) and the monthly fair. The city has about sixty sports companies which practice their activities in perfectly equipped places (sports halls, athletics and soccer stadium, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, football fields, ice rink, merry-go-round, tennis centers etc. ). The city has a public transport system, Transports Urbains Delémontains (TUD). The development plan called "Delémont, heading for 2030" provides for the construction of several housing, retail and office complexes. In Delémont, real estate prices are in the lower Swiss average.