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Discover Frauenfeld

A capital in the countryside

Urban life in a bucolic environment

Frauenfeld is the capital of the German-speaking administrative district of Thurgau. This pretty town, located on the Murg River, with its old center is a fine example of city life in the bucolic surroundings of the Canton of Thurgau with its hills, apple orchards and vineyards around villages with half-timbered houses. Frauenfeld has 25,600 inhabitants and offers more than 19,000 jobs. Among the city's companies, SIA Abrasives, (surface treatments), Zur Rose (drug distribution), the Aarberg and Frauenfeld sugar factories. The city also hosts the headquarters of the Swiss Society for Geothermal Energy and is a partner of the Yverdon Gymnasium (in the canton of Vaud) in order to promote the learning of French among its students. The city is well served by public transport and the motorway. To see: the old town and its 18th century houses as well as the 13th century castle; the Church of Saint Nicolas; Haus zum Licht dating from 1598. A few kilometers from Frauenfeld, you shouldn't miss the magnificent Ittingen Charterhouse.

Real estate: living in Frauenfeld

This charming city less than an hour's drive from Zürich is an example of the balance between city life (the city has a quality real estate heritage) and life in the countryside. On the one hand, beautiful infrastructures, varied training offers, shopping centers, numerous shops and a quality sports and leisure environment (outdoor swimming pools, artificial ice rink, tennis centers, the Kleine sports complex Allmend with Finnish and skating tracks). On the other hand, in fine weather, in the surrounding nature, a wide choice of hiking and cycling routes and a municipal golf course await residents. History buffs meet at the Historical Museum of Thurgau, the Natural History Museum or the Archaeological Museum which takes visitors through forgotten eras. Jazz and blues enthusiasts will appreciate the concerts organized in the town. In a different genre, the Openair, an urban music festival that takes place over 3 days is the largest in German-speaking Switzerland and the second in Switzerland after the Paléo Festival in Nyon. Wine lovers come across each other in the cellars of the Thur and Seebach valleys. The price of real estate is in the Swiss high average.