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Discover Vevey

An elegant town on the shores of Lake Geneva

Vevey – the city of Nestlé and Charlie Chaplin

Located in the canton of Vaud, Vevey is the capital of the district of Riviera-Pays-d'Enhaut. This small French-speaking town has 20,000 inhabitants and lies on the northern shore of Lake Geneva. It is here, in the headquarters of Nestlé, that Max Morgenthaler, a chemist, developed Nescafé in 1936. The town is also home to Éditions de l’Aire, a publishing house specialising in Swiss literature written in French. Like the majority of other towns and villages on the shores of Lake Geneva, Vevey is set in beautiful surroundings, with wonderful views of the Alpine peaks. The town has a rich past, as shown by the perfectly preserved historical centre. Among the famous figures associated with Vevey was Charlie Chaplin, who lived in the nearby Corsier-sur-Vevey from 1953 until his death in 1977. Today, Manoir de Ban, the comedian’s place of residence for 25 years, houses the Chaplin’s World Museum devoted to his life and work. Another must-see is the Château de l’Aile, a five-star Hôtel des Trois Couronnes dating back to 1842, the Museum Jenisch with the seat of the Oskar Kokoschka Foundation, the Museum de la Confrérie des Vignerons and the Museum suisse de l’appareil photographique, devoted to the history of photography.

Real estate: living in Vevey

Vevey is not only "the city of Nestlé", although the company strongly marks its presence with huge, glass-covered buildings and a giant fork stuck in the waters of Lake Geneva to promote the Alimentarium (Food Museum) founded by the international corporation. On the shores of Lake Geneva, whose colours change in the blink of an eye, the pace of life is definitely slower. Luxurious hotels, like the Hôtel des Trois Couronnes or the Grand Hôtel du Lac, attract affluent customers. They swim in the lake or stroll along the narrow streets of the old town lined with historic houses, antique shops, museums and restaurants. Vevey is easy to reach with public transport. It is located 23 km from Lausanne, the capital of the canton of Vaud, 84 from Bern, the political capital, 88 from Geneva and 205 from Zurich. As in the majority of other municipalities on the Swiss Riviera, the costs of living are high, with the real estate is following the trend.