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Altdorf UR

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Between legend and traditions of the Alps

With its 9,400 inhabitants, Altdorf is the small capital of the canton of Uri, one of the least populated Swiss cantons (36,500 inhabitants). This pretty village surrounded by the high peaks of the Saint Gothard massif is located at an altitude of 458m in the valley of the Reuss river. Altdorf is the economic, political and cultural center of the canton. It sits at one end of Lake Lucerne in the heart of a settlement area of ​​around 20,000 inhabitants and on the shortest axis between Germany and Italy. The beautiful and touristic Lucerne is only 30 minutes away. Links with other Swiss cities are efficient, jobs are plentiful, and quality commercial, educational, sports and leisure infrastructures. Altdorf is in the heart of William Tell's country and therefore has a long, half-real, half-legendary history. There are many sites to visit: the Town Hall; the Foreigners Hospital, founded in 1437 intended to accommodate travelers without resources; the Capuchin convent; Suvorov's house.

Real estate: living in Altdorf

We are here in the homeland of the legendary William Tell, the hero of one of Switzerland's founding myths. Moreover, the town of Altdorf erected a fountain at the exact spot where he was when he fired a crossbow at the famous apple ... that's in any case what the legend says, including the story. dates from the 15th century. In 2007, Altdorf was awarded the Wakker Prize, which rewards municipalities making efforts for harmonious urban development, in particular architecturally, while protecting and enhancing their historical and real estate heritage. In order to reduce car traffic, a 12-seater citybus connects the neighborhoods to the village center. Between the mountains, with immediate access to winter sports resorts, and Lake Lucerne, with equally quick access to water sports, Altdorf enjoys a high quality of life. This translates into real estate prices that are in the Swiss high average. In the center of the village, the Maison de la musique populaire has a national influence. This music from the Alps can be found in the international festival Alpentöne. Note that in this small canton there are more than 70 popular music orchestras. Another popular meeting place for locals is the Saturday morning market with fresh produce directly from the farm.