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Gland: 30 Apartments to buy

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Beautiful vineyards and international organizations

This peaceful municipality is part of the Nyon district and counts nearly 13 000 inhabitants (called the « Glandois ») located in the French-speaking canton of Vaud on the banks of the Geneva lake. It is halfway between Lausanne and Geneva, about thirty kilometers away from each of them. The name of the city may sound confusing for French-speakers, however as a matter of fact Gland is a gallic word meaning a « crystal clear » river. Until the early 60’s, it was a village of farmers and winemakers but the construction of the A1 highway between Geneva and Lausanne brought to Gland more people and commercial activity. If not by the highway, both cities can easily be reached by train. Gland is also served by buses. This municipality was considered for a long time as a dormitory for the nearby bigger cities but this is not the case anymore. Various commercial centers and enterprises are planted here. Gland is home to companies such as Corporation and Swissquote as well as to a number of international organizations active in the field of wildlife protection: World Wide Fund for Nature, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Ramasar Convention. Its most famous landmark is the villa Rajada listed as the heritage site of national importance. It is worth mentioning that the nearby city of Nyon (7 km) offers to its visitors many cultural treasures.

Real estate: living in Gland

Amateurs of nightlife and boutiques may have hard time adapting to Gland’s peaceful atmosphere which is better suited for families with children providing them with all the advantages of a big city and none of its disadvantages. Real estate sector is well developed, and the natural reserve called Bois de Chêne is only few kilometers away as well as the Lignière forest located close to the vineyards. Owing to its location by the shores of the Geneva lake, Gland is a very touristic city offering a wide range of activities connected to the lake and nature. The most popular walk is the Toblerones trail which owes its name to a line of fortifications constructed between 1939 and 1945 which shape reminds the famous Swiss chocolate. Sports enthusiasts may use all four trails designed for nordic-walking. Gland has its own little port and a beach, a place of relaxation where you can swim away from traffic. The city has its own ice rink and the Grand-Champ theater with a rich varied program. From May till October, each Wednesday Gland’s local market brings together the local manufacturers and farmers. The property prices in Gland are lower than in the neighboring cities and it is far easier to find your home here than in Geneva or in Lausanne.