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Kriens: 25 Apartments to buy

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Industries and greenery in the agglomeration of Lucerne

Kriens is located in the German-speaking canton of Lucerne. With its 27,500 inhabitants, it is the second largest city in the canton. Together with Emmen, it is part of the agglomeration of Lucerne, from which it is 3 km. Kriens is an important industrial town located in a beautiful green environment at the foot of Mount Sonnenberg. The village, which had 5,949 inhabitants in 1900, developed enormously after the Second World War, a period of full employment which saw a large influx of foreigners. Much of the employment today is concentrated in the service sector. Kriens has a quality public transport network to reach nearby Lucerne and the rest of Switzerland. Zurich is about 40 kilometers away by car. The retro funicular (which is around 115 years old) to the Sonnenberg, the small Lucerne mountain which rises to 700 meters, starts from Kriens and leads to a recreation area with a panoramic terrace. Kriens is also the starting point of the steepest cable car in the world which leads to Mount Pilate at 2132 m, called the mountain of the dragons because of the many legends that surround it. What to see: the Bellpark Museum (photography, art history); the Church of St. Gallen and St. Otmar; the Schauensee castle and obviously Lucerne the beautiful neighbor.

Real estate: living in Kriens

Kriens is a pretty town surrounded by greenery which offers a wide variety of residential areas. The real estate sector is active there in order to meet the needs of a growing population. Besides the fact that the inhabitants benefit from all the daily services that a municipality can offer, they also have the chance to enjoy a natural environment which allows a multitude of activities for athletes and those who are less. The city maintains around 80 km of hiking trails to provide city dwellers with a breath of fresh air. A leisure area, inaugurated in 2015, brings families together around a multitude of activities. More than a hundred clubs and associations offer the population a varied cultural, sporting and leisure choice. In a different register, Kriens is a stopover on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostelle. The Kriens stage leads from Lucerne to Werthenstein via the Hergiswald chapel, an important place of pilgrimage. Compared to Lucerne where the cost of real estate is very high, Kriens is more affordable and is located in the upper middle of Switzerland. However, prices are a little higher there than in Emmen, another municipality in the Lucerne suburbs.