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Lausanne: 116 Apartments to buy

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Elegance and gentle living on the shores of Lake Geneva

Lausanne, the French-speaking capital of the canton of Vaud, has almost 140,000 inhabitants (415.6 in the entire agglomeration), making it the fourth largest city in Switzerland. The city is young, stuffed with numerous higher education establishments, including a university and the Federal Institute of Technology, as well as a prestigious hotel school, the Cantonal School of Art and the International Institute of Management. Well-known international corporations such as Nespresso SA, the Kudelski Group and Logitech also have their headquarters here, in the city’s futuristic buildings. Lausanne vibrates with life day and night (the Flon). Plus, it is very sporty (with headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and the Court of Arbitration for Sport) and elegant, especially in Ouchy, on the shores of Lake Geneva, where people come to relax by the peaceful waters of the lake and in luxury hotels, like the Beau-Rivage, built in 1861. The must-see attractions of Lausanne include the cathedral, Palais Rumine, the Château Saint-Maire, the Château de Morges and the Tour de Sauvabelin, with a beautiful view of the panorama of the city.

Real estate: living in Lausanne

It is not without a reason that elegance and gentle living are the things to come to mind first when talking about Lausanne. Numerous guests come here to relax in beautiful hotels and villas on the shores of Lake Geneva. Those who can afford it live on the surrounding hills, in beautiful residences with a breath-taking view of the lake (importantly, the view is protected by law from being obscured by new buildings). Lausanne is a green city, with magnificent parks, gardens and 310 fountains, and with a dense and efficient public transport network. The local Théâtre and the Théâtre de Vidy attract artists from all over the world, guaranteeing high-quality cultural experience. In July Lausanne hosts the Festival de la Cité, a free theatrical, musical, dance and circus event which cannot be missed. The local cuisine offers papet vaudois, a speciality of the canton of Vaud, i.e. a rather wintery dish with potatoes, leeks, sausages and cabbage, served with white wine and cream. During all seasons of the year, you can also try the carac, a strange-looking cake with green icing. A few kilometres from the capital of the canton of Vaud stretches the Lavaux vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. The vineyard offers a breath-taking view and delicious wines sold to the best restaurants in the region. The real estate industry in Lausanne is boosting. New buildings are being built in districts and municipalities on the outskirts of the city, as part of the new municipal development plan, Lausanne 2030, intending to accommodate 30,000 new inhabitants and offer 16,000 jobs by 2030.