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Pully: 69 Apartments to buy

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Immersed in the blue of the lake and the green of the vineyards

The city of Pully, 18 500 inhabitants (known as the Pulliérans), is beautifully situated by the lake Léman and only three kilometers away from Lausanne in the French-speaking canton of Vaud. In the past a little village of winemakers, fishermen and farmers, Pully is now a luxury, residential suburb of Lausanne. Taking into account its beautiful residential buildings, green areas, wooded ways, its magnificent view of the lake and the narrow streets of the Old Pully, it is not by chance that this lovely, stylish town attracted so many painters, writers, musicians and scientists. Among them Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, Jean Anouilh, Henri Verneuil and general Henri Guisan. The number of fishermen and farmers decreased as time went by, yet the vineyards are still there. Pully is actually located among the famed Lavaux Vineyard Terraces – listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The municipality has 3.5 hectares of vineyards from the appellation Pully that can be found on the finest labels of the canton of Vaud. Like its bigger sister, Lausanne, elegance and sweetness of life on the shore of the lake are the best characteristics for living in Puly. The must-see attractions include: the roman Villa, the old church Saint-Germain, the Prieuré.

Real estate: living in Pully

If families of Pully are not on the shores of the lake or in the Olympic pools, they go to the Guillemin park located on its borderline with Lausanne. Plenty of attractions will keep children busy for the entire summer afternoon. Sport enthusiasts will be pleased with trails within Vita des Monts-de-Pully park or many other sport activities organized by the municipality or local sport clubs. The lake sets the rhythm of life for the inhabitants, known also as the Pulliérans. The city is one of the thirty-four sections of the International Life Saving Federation and each year it hosts a special lifesaving festival. Pully has much to offer in terms of culture: theater called the Octogone, café-théâtre de la Voirie, a library and a cinema as well as three very interesting museums. The market of local products takes place each Tuesday on the square called place de la Gare and each Friday morning on the square called d'Obernai or the square de la Gare. Just a photo glimpse on Pully shows that it is immersed in greenery which covers beautiful villas and residential dwellings. Most importantly, the city is not affected by the frenetic pace of building development and new projects are few. It is therefore not easy to find a suitable home unless having solid revenues. The property prices are on the same level as in Lausanne.