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St. Moritz

St. Moritz: 32 Apartments to buy

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The sun, thermal pools and international celebrities

Located within Switzerland's Engadin valley, in the German/Italian/Romansh speaking canton, St Moritz is the oldest alpine ski station in Switzerland. The municipality counts around 5000 permanent inhabitants who may benefit from the city’s exceptional amount of sunshine with a yearly average of 322 sunny days! The Saint-Moritz-Dorf village is situated at 1 822 meters and the thermal station of Saint-Moritz-Bad, at 1 774 meters, by the lake of the same name with new hotels and thermal baths. Before becoming an international and elegant ski station, St Moritz was already widely known for its thermal sources. At the end of XIXth people came here to take a bath in the healing ferruginous water and enjoy skiing or skating. The thermal station quickly became the world’s gathering place for wealthy Europeans. As documented in the film « The white Stadium», the Winter Olympics were held here in 1928 as well as in 1948. Besides the Olympic Games, it hosted the World Championship Alpine Skiing (for the last time in 2017). Leading figures from the world of culture and politics have contributed to its glory. You may follow the footsteps of the city’s former residents such as: Nietzsche, Herbert von Karajan, Juan Carlos of Spain, Niarchos, Nijinski, Aga Khan. The monuments of Geneva include the: leaning tower, remaining vestige of the church St-Mauritius built in 1500, Engandin museum, Segantini museum and Berry museum located in the old Villa Arona.

Real estate: living in St Moritz

The city is served by many railway lines (including the Bernina Express departing from Coire, the chief-city of the canton of Grisons) as well as by the Samedan airport, only 7 kilometers away, allowing for small private jets. With old style palaces and luxury real estate, thermal baths, casino and polo tournaments organized on the frozen lake, Saint-Moritz counts for the past 150 years among the most popular cities of the great fortunes. The municipality attracts however not only wealthy visitors, having also an elegant, it goes without saying, youth hostel. If the station is most frequented during the winter season, it works also in the summertime offering multiple advantages: trails, mountain bike activities, sail and oar boats on the nearby lakes and the lake of St Moritz itself. Other activities include tennis, golf, kitesurfing, climbing, skating on the rink of Ludains. You may live in St Moritz all throughout the year or visit it only for a few days but you may be sure to make a unique experience, the finest alpine restaurants included. The property prices in St Moritz are on average the highest in the whole Switzerland.