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Schwyz (Canton): 217 Apartments & Houses to buy

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The Victorinox company and kirsch cherries

Schwyz is the capital of the eponymous canton. It is this canton, located in the center of the country, which gave its name to Switzerland (Schweiz) and it is one of the three founding cantons of the Confederation with those of Uri and Unterwalden. This very pretty little town, located in the heart of a beautiful region, is at the foot of the two Mythens (1898 m), between Lake Lauerz and Lake Lucerne and a short distance from Lakes Zug and Zurich. It is connected to Lucerne (36 km) and Bellinzona (134 km) by train. Schwyz, and more precisely Ibach 1.5 km away, is the home of the iconic Victorinox (Swiss Army Knives) company which is also the canton's largest employer. Every day 25,000 red knives are made there. So much so that some people call the region the Swiss Knife Valley. The township also owes its fame to the thousands of cherry blossom trees which in spring attract visitors from all over the world and whose fruits produce Schwyz kirsch. What to see: the main square, one of the most beautiful baroque squares in Switzerland and, for those interested in history, the first Confederation archives are in the Museum of Federal Charters; the Swiss History Forum allows visitors to discover how people lived in this area between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Real estate: living in Schwyz

A magnificent environment between lakes and mountains, a perfectly preserved historical real estate heritage (some houses, such as the Hofstatt Ital Reding date from 1609) which coexist with a recent heritage, Schwyz has everything to seduce. Winter and summer alike, the city is the starting point for the Mythen, Stoos and Sattel-Hochstuckli estates. Skiing and hiking on the program without forgetting the cherry trail that leads from Lucerne to Brunnen with a visit to the kirsch distilleries. When the weather is nice, swimming, water sports and sunbathing are required on the surrounding lakes with a stop at restaurants with flowered terraces to taste the culinary specialties of the region including the delicious cherry cake, Muotathaler Rahmkirschtorte, a light biscuit and airy soaked in Schwyz cherries with cream and white chocolate chips. Between the beautiful old buildings in the city center, the recent apartments surrounded by greenery and the beautiful villas or chalets with breathtaking views, the real estate is diverse. The prices are in the high average for apartments and in the very high average for individual houses.