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Discover Meyrin

The city of CERN and airports

The municipality having as many working places as inhabitants

With 25 500 inhabitants, Meyrin is the fourth most populated city in the canton of Geneva and it is situated only 7 kilometers away. Like in the whole canton the official language is French. Meyrin is one of the Swiss municipalities recording the biggest population growth in the recent years. Over 100 different nationalities make it one of the most cosmopolitan cities. Meyrin has a long history as a city of commerce since medieval ages but then it became the hallmark of modernity: firstly, in 1922 the airdrome of Cointrain was established (now the international Geneva airport) and in 1954, it was CERN that was placed here, right on the Swiss-French border. It goes without saying, that with both the airport and such an important research center, Meyrin hosts the intellectual community from around the world. Among famous figures associated with the city was Timothy John Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau who « invented » the World Wide Web in 1989... The municipality is home to 1500 companies including international corporations such as Dupont de Nemours Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Chopard or Cartier.  The city hosts the Meyrin Economic Forum. To get a sense of the economic dynamics of the city, consider that it has an equal number of working places and inhabitants.

Real estate: living in Meyrin

To get a full picture of the Meyrin living environment, apart from its vivid urban development with increasing number of building projects, you also need to appreciate the green areas (over 50 hectares of green public spaces, 4000 trees, 10 parks and 6 hectares forest) as well as the quality of its cultural, sport and social life. In terms of public transport, the city of Meyrin is served by the train CFF (RER Genève-La Plaine), two railway lines of Geneva Public transport and a network of public busses. Being the largest municipality of the Geneva agglomeration, it is served by the Léman Express which not only connects the Swiss municipalities but also links Switzerland to France. As for the real estate prices, they are lower than in Lancy (in the high average, not much higher than in Geneva), yet higher than in Vernier.