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Discover Sarnen

Between lake and mountains

A small tourist town in the center of Switzerland

Sarnen is the capital of the German-speaking half-canton of Obwalden located in central Switzerland. This pretty little town with a magical view of the snow-capped peaks of the Alps stretches out on the hillside to the edge of its lake. 10,500 people live here between high mountains, forests and meadows in a very unspoiled nature. Sarnen's largest company is the Sarna Group, which specializes in the processing of synthetic materials. The Swiss Rowing Association is also based in Sarnen where its training center is located. The village is 21 km from Lucerne and 74 km from Zurich. Compared to the 113 km2 of Lake Lucerne, Lake Sarnen covers only 7.5 km2. It's small enough for hikers to walk around during the day and big enough to have its seaside resort of Seefeld Park. In addition to the beautiful nature that surrounds it, Sarnen offers visitors some beautiful buildings that bear witness to its history, such as the old houses in the center of the village, the Landenberg castle, numerous churches and chapels, a so-called “witches' tower in the village. tumultuous history and the history museum of Obwalden devoted to the art, crafts, folklore and customs of the canton.

Real estate: living in Sarnen

The magnificent site in which this small capital is located makes it a sought-after tourist destination. The buildings on the hillside blend into the vegetation and this perfectly integrated building heritage contributes to the charm of Sarnen. The village has all the services essential for daily life and about a hundred clubs which allow you to enjoy sports and cultural activities with the appropriate equipment. Sarnen's weekly market takes place from May to October, on Saturday mornings in the village square. This is the opportunity to buy, among other things, the Sbrinz, a full-bodied cheese made from raw cow's milk, originating in the region to make the Obwalden-style cheesecake, one of the culinary traditions of the canton. Living in Sarnen means enjoying the 30 km of cross-country skiing or hiking trails in the Langis in winter or going skiing in the resorts of Melchsee-Frutt, Mörlialp, Lungern, Engelberg or Meiringen-Hasliberg within a hour drive. In summer, there are all the water sports around the lake. Living here means enjoying a peaceful environment, unless of course you only like city activity in which case Lucerne is not very far. Quality of life and beautiful landscapes mean that real estate prices are in the Swiss high average.