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Discover Baar

A growing city

An advantageous tax policy and a beautiful natural heritage

Baar is located in the German-speaking administrative district of Zug north of the eponymous lake and 3 km from the city of Zug, the capital of the canton. Baar is crossed by the Lorze River which connects Lake Aegeri with Lake Zug. The canton of Zug benefits from an advantageous tax policy as permitted by the Swiss federal system and many international companies have their headquarters in Baar. Among others: Glencore, the Danzer Group, the ski and binding maker Völkl, the IT company Veeam Software, the medical technology company Schiller AG, Royal Dutch Shell, Sika AG and the beverage maker Red Bull. The city is about 30 minutes by car from Zurich. The trains of the CFF, (the Federal Railways) also run between Baar and Zurich. A bus service connects with Zug. The historical and architectural heritage of Baar, like its natural heritage, must be visited. For historical heritage, you must see the parish church of Saint-Martin, whose construction dates back to the 14th century; the chapel of the Saint-Anne cemetery; the beautiful half-timbered houses; the Lorzentobel bridges (right next to Baar). For the natural heritage, a visit is essential in the caves of Höllgrotten, in the middle of the gorge of Lorze.

Real estate: living in Baar

Baar is a rapidly developing city that continues to grow. The real estate sector is particularly dynamic there in order to welcome a new population attracted both by employment opportunities and by the beauty of the natural setting. Baar is in fact pleasantly situated on the shores of Lake Zug with, in the background, unspoiled peaceful nature and numerous forests. In summer, locals enjoy water sports on the lake or seek coolness in the narrow Lorze Gorge where the entrance to the Höllgrotten is. Summer is also the season when they prefer to travel by bicycle, especially since the surrounding nature is beautiful and the lakes route (which circles 10 Swiss lakes) passes close by. There is no Swiss town or village that does not have its market. The one in Baar, the Samschtig-Märt takes place in front of the Rathus-Schüür from spring to autumn from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. As far as real estate is concerned, the price per m2 in Baar is a little lower than in its neighbor Zug, but it remains in the Swiss high average.