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Lugano: 709 Apartments to buy

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A holiday resort and the third biggest financial centre of the Swiss Confederation

Lugano, the 9th largest city in Switzerland, has a population of 63,500, and an urban agglomeration of over 150,000. This beautiful city, located in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, is the capital of the district of Lugano. The people of Ticino speak mainly Italian, as the canton borders Italy. The municipality lies in a beautiful setting, on the northern shore of Lake Lugano, considered to be one of the seven great Italian lakes (even though it is partly located in Switzerland_. Lugano’s climate and vegetation, resembling that of the Mediterranean region, combined with the city’s with pleasant atmosphere, make it the favourite holiday destination of a wealthy clientele. It is not without a reason that Lugano is listed among the top five most expensive Swiss cities. It is also the third largest financial centre of the Swiss Confederation and the first in the Italian-speaking part of the country. It houses the University of Italian-speaking Switzerland and numerous research centres. If you want to get to know Lugano, take a walk in the city centre from church to church, visit St. Lawrence's Cathedral and the church of Santa Maria Degli Angela, with a fresco depicting the Passion and Resurrection by Bernardino Luini (1529), Leonardo da Vinci’s disciple. You can also admire the beautiful lake shores or go mountain hiking to delight in the panorama of the city.

Real estate: living in Lugano

Lugano is an Italian “dolce vita” at the heart of Switzerland. The city borrows elegance and the art of living from its neighbour, Italy (Milan is only an hour train-ride away), and unfailing efficiency from Switzerland. The city centre charms visitors with its cosy streets, beautiful palaces with splendid fountains and delicious food served by the local bistros and exclusive restaurants. Via Nassa and its luxurious shops attract affluent customers. The real estate market offers modern, high-standard dwellings, palaces and beautiful villas on the lake shores. Lugano is also a city of culture, with numerous museums (e.g. the Museum of Modern Art) and art galleries. A few kilometres from Lugano another city, Locarno on Lake Maggiore, attracts film lovers with its famous International Film Festival. The food of Lugano and the canton of Ticino is highly influenced by Italian cuisine. The local specialities include osso bucco, polenta or risotto à la Ticino. The region is also known for Merlot wines, served with food offered by Lugano’s numerous restaurants.