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Opfikon: 5 Apartments & Houses to buy

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Large companies and new neighborhoods near Zürich Airport

Opfikon is part of the greater Zürich area (more than 1.5 million inhabitants in the German-speaking administrative district of the same name.) This city in the Glattal region is booming and is approaching 21,000 inhabitants. It is located in the heart of a prosperous economic area with excellent public transport links, it is ideally placed between the Zürich metropolis (12 km away) and the Zürich Kloten International Airport (3 km away). Adecco, Swissport, Hotelplan, the Nuance group, Trivadis. There are many connections with Zürich and it is possible in a few minutes to reach your workplace, your university or the shores of the lake to rest or practice nautical activities. The old village has kept its charm of yesteryear, Opfikon is developing through new districts with contemporary buildings, such as Glattpark with its green spaces, its lake and its river, the Glatt. Opfikon is highly urbanized, but the proximity to Zürich and the lake as well as the surrounding countryside provide residents with the leisure and fresh air that are part of everyday life. To see: the old village which has retained its charm and… Zürich.

Real estate: living in Opfikon

Even if the site on which the present city is established is old, one does not come here, in principle, to visit the heritage. We settle there first because the city offers all the advantages of a pleasant life in a region where economic dynamism is important. Sport with good facilities, culture, education, leisure facilities, shopping are all widely available. More than 20 years ago, Opfikon received the Energy City label awarded to local authorities which implement a sustainable energy policy. This label was renewed in 2018 for 4 additional years. The town of Opfikon is in Glattal, a rather flat area surrounded by small green mountains covered with forests. The municipal area is 40% built. The real estate sector is particularly dynamic and the new districts welcome residents in optimal conditions. The proximity of Zürich and the international airport (the largest in Switzerland) means that the demand for accommodation is high. The price of real estate is in the middle high in Switzerland.