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Köniz: 45 Apartments & Houses for rent

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Swisscom headquarters only 5 km away from the Swiss capital

With its 42,500 thousand inhabitants, Köniz (in the canton of Bern) has a population equal to that of Bellinzona, the capital of the canton of Ticino. Köniz is a large German-speaking municipality in the suburbs of Bern, within the boundaries of the Bern-Mittelland district. The centres of Köniz and Bern, 5 km apart, are so close to each other that lives of the two municipalities are closely linked. However, it is in Köniz that Switzerland’s leading telecommunication company, Swisscom, is seated. The economy of Köniz, like the one of Bern, the political capital of Switzerland, is dominated by the sectors of health, clean technologies, energy, IT, communication and transport. The must-see attractions of Köniz include the reformed parish church (St. Peter and Paul), a castle, former commandery of the Teutonic Order and the nearby village of Herzwil, with its farms and farm buildings.

Real estate: living in Köniz

Like the Bernese, the residents of Köniz also enjoy the charms of omnipresent greenery and nature. Plus, there is the Gurten Hill (858 m), a popular tourist destination accessible by funicular railway. Next to picnic areas and restaurants, the site also offers a spectacular view of Bern and the Bernese Alps. In summer, you can swim in the local swimming pools or in the Aar, while in winter the nearby slopes make perfect skiing areas. The public transport in Köniz is as efficient as in all Swiss cities, making a trip to Bern an easy and short one. However, finding an apartment in Köniz is not easy, especially that property prices are high. The city’s restaurants offer Berner Teller, a local delicacy made of different types of meat and sausages, served with potatoes and sauerkraut.