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Dietikon: 9 Apartments to buy

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A growing city with a dynamic real estate sector

Dietikon is located in the German-speaking administrative district of Zürich, a dozen kilometers from the metropolis to which it is connected by efficient and reliable public transport. With 27,500 inhabitants, it is the fifth largest city in the canton after Zürich, Winterthur, Uster and Dübendorf, and the capital of the district of Limmattal. The city is located to the west of Zürich at an altitude of 388m at the confluence of the Reppisch and Limmat rivers and on the Zürich / Baden railway line. The city is home to some 1,700 businesses that provide jobs to around 17,000 people. Dietikon is an attractive town and an important regional center which offers its inhabitants from 74 nationalities and newcomers both many jobs and an attractive quality of life and leisure. The city is growing in the recent neighbourhoods of Limmatfeld and Niderfeld and between urban buildings offering modern and comfortable accommodation and traditional houses, Dietikon appeals to families as well as single people. The life of the municipality is intimately linked to that of Zürich of its leisure activities and its university. To see: the very original Bruno Weber park with its strange dreamlike sculptures; The ruins of Schönenwerd Palace.

Real estate: living in Dietikon

At the end of 2019, Dietikon obtained the Energy City Gold label for its sustainable energy policy. Sports and cultural leisure are part of the life of the inhabitants. In terms of culture, and alongside traditional festivals such as Sichlet, the city organizes a number of events with artists of national or international renown. Large forest areas (about 25% of the city's area), ponds and three rivers provide plenty of space for recreation and relaxation. Sports fans also benefit from the various quality sports facilities. The Starbie playroom is the meeting place for children who can let off steam in the bouncy castles, on the slides, in the pedal cars and on the electric scooters. Dietikon is a growing city. The real estate construction industry is bustling here and the new neighborhoods attract both residents and new businesses with jobs. Real estate prices are much lower than in Zürich and a little lower than in other cities in the greater Zürich area.