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Kloten: 20 Apartments to buy

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More than 37,000 jobs for nearly 20,000 inhabitants

Kloten, located in the German-speaking administrative district of Zürich, 10 km away from the metropolis and its 415,000 inhabitants, is first and foremost the city of Zürich International Airport, the largest in Switzerland. Indeed, this airport, which opened in 1948, marked its history and its development. Kloten therefore grew up very quickly. The city now has 37,000 jobs for nearly 20,000 inhabitants. This suggests that many people commute every day between other cities in the greater Zürich area, where they live, and to their place of work. Despite a dense and perfectly organized public transport service, this does not go without creating some congestion on the road network. Several large companies are based in Kloten, including Nobel Biocare, trading company OPO Oeschger, logistics group Via Matet, building materials company Weiacher Kies, among others. The activities of most large companies with their headquarters in Kloten are linked to Zürich Airport. To see: The reformed parish church, Rococo style.

Real estate: living in Kloten

In 2009, Kloten received the Energy City label for its sustainable and efficient energy policy. As the aerial views show, Zürich Airport is located right next to the city, but Kloten denies living only through its international airport or thanks to its proximity to Zürich. Even if the largest city in Switzerland is a serious competitor when it comes to leisure, tourism and nightlife. Kloten offers its inhabitants many sporting and cultural activities, traditional festivals in the brand new Town Square (the market takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and beautiful leisure areas such as the Adventure Park. Zürich-Kloten, the canton's first rope park. For Sunday outings, the surrounding green mountains covered with forests and Lake Zürich with its nautical activities are close by. The building areas in the territory of the municipality of Kloten are relatively small and real estate professionals have some difficulty in finding land on which to establish new housing. Therefore, even though the real estate price is lower than that of Zürich, it remains in the Swiss high average.