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Uster: 21 Apartments to buy

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The main industrial center of Oberland

The city of Uster with its 36,000 inhabitants is the third largest city in the German-speaking administrative district of Zürich. It is located on the shore of Lake Greifen, the largest nature reserve in the canton. This town, which began to industrialize at the start of the 19th century, with spinning mills and the manufacture of weaving machines, is today the main industrial center of Oberland. About a hundred different nationalities intersect there. Many companies are located there such as Uster Technologies (manufacturer of electronic test and measurement systems for the textile industry), Distrelec (electronics, automation and IT), BSU bank, Zellweger Luwa (fans and air conditioning systems), Implant Design (manufacturer of prostheses). Zürich and Zürich Kloten International Airport are around 20 kilometers away, well connected to Uster by motorway and four S-Bahn lines. The city is home to educational establishments such as the Cantonal School, Vocational School of Business and Technology (BFSU), Higher Technical School (HFU), Zürcher Oberland School of Art and Sport (KuSs ZO), the Uster Greifensee Music School, the Japanese School as well as annexes of the Zürich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur. To see: the Swiss Jazz Museum; the castle ; the reformed parish church; the Gujer house.

Real estate: living in Uster

Uster is a pleasant residential town in a vibrant economic region. A large park airs the city center, but it is especially by the lake, to which pedestrian and cycle paths lead, that residents come to take a breath of fresh air. The banks of the Greifensee are protected. The reed belts are home to around 400 plants and over 160 species of birds. Nautical activities are permitted there, subject to respecting nature. Motor boats, for example, are prohibited. The inhabitants also benefit from a rich cultural life and quality sports facilities. 250 clubs and associations offer a whole range of activities. In the artistic field, the Uster City Art Prize is awarded annually to honor outstanding achievements in the field of art and to promote the local cultural scene. Uster of course has its weekly market in Town Hall Square every Friday. If by chance Uster seemed to be lacking in action, Zürich and Wintherhour (111,000 inhabitants) are not far away. The city's population is stable. Proximity to Zürich requires, the price of real estate even if it is lower than in the metropolis remains in the Swiss high average.