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Wädenswil: 21 Apartments to buy

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The blue colour of the lake, the green of the forests and a village atmosphere

Wädenswil is a pretty little town located in the German-speaking administrative district of Zürich on the left bank of the eponymous lake. It is 24 km away from the neighboring metropolis. Wädenswil is well served by public transport (rail lines) to Zürich and its international airport as well as to the cantons of Glaris and Grisons. A bus network serves residential neighborhoods, businesses, workplaces and schools. A car ferry connects Horgen with Meilen on the other side of the lake. The A3 motorway leads directly to the ski and tourist areas of the Alps as well as to Zürich in 15 minutes. Over the past 40 years, this former industrial city (textiles and breweries) has evolved into an essentially residential municipality where, among others, the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (a thousand students), the Zürich International School (ZIS), the Bühl Foundation as well as research institutes, Agroscope for example. Today, Wädenswil has 24,600 inhabitants who still live in a village atmosphere in an exceptional site between lake and mountains. The area of ​​the territory of the municipality is important. Almost 80% of its 35.64 km2 is devoted to agriculture and forestry. Between lake and nature, Wädenswil is therefore surrounded by green and blue. To see: the castle of Neu-Wädenswil; the ruins of Alt-Wädenswil; half-timbered farms; factory villas.

Real estate: living in Wädenswil

Wädenswil is a town that has grown a lot in recent years but has retained an almost rural character to which the inhabitants are very attached. So, to do their Saturday morning shopping or have a drink in a bar, the locals say they go “to the village”. A "village" whose old building stock has been restored by adding gardens and green spaces. Between the mountain and the lake, all leisure activities are possible, from Sunday walkers or cyclists to experienced sportsmen. Wädenswil has only one cinema but many clubs and bars, a chamber orchestra, several choirs and many theaters including the Ticino Theater, of which the city is particularly proud. In a completely different area, the CCOS (Culture Collection of Switzerland) is located in Wädenswil, which conserves more than 2000 microorganisms from research, the environment and the food industry with biosecurity levels 1 and 2. The beauty of the site and the quality of life dictate that the price of real estate, although it is a little lower than in Zürich, remains in the Swiss high average.