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Wetzikon ZH

Wetzikon ZH: 34 Apartments to buy

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The second business center in the Zürich Oberland after Uster

Wetzikon with its 25,000 inhabitants is the sixth town in the German-speaking administrative district of Zürich. It is located in the district of Hinwil, around 30 kilometers away from the mainland (15 minutes by train). This charming town in the middle of the small forest-covered mountains of the Zürich Oberland, is located on Lake Pfäffikersee. Wetzikon is a vibrant city with more than 1,100 companies in the fields of mechanics, engineering, electronics and logistics and 11,000 jobs. It is one of the economic engines of the region and the second largest business center in the Zürich Oberland after Uster. Wetzikon is also considered an educational center together with the Zürich Oberland Cantonal School and the Professional Business School. Public transport to Zürich is frequent, and the city is well located for road links to the neighboring metropolis and to Rapperswil, Winterthur, St. Gallen and the German border. To see: the archaeological museum which covers a period going from the Neolithic to the 21st century; the Wetzikon-Robenhausen site on the shores of Lake Pfäffikersee is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dedicated to prehistoric dwellings on stilts in the Alps; the FBW museum (history of the construction of commercial vehicles); the Aathal dinosaur museum.

Real estate: living in Wetzikon

Its location amidst beautiful nature, good public transport links to Zürich, and plenty of jobs make Wetzikon a great place to live as the population growth has shown in recent years. The city is divided into several zones including the city center, modern residential districts with a quality real estate offer and all the essential infrastructures, industrial districts and surrounding leisure areas. Wetzikon is an excellent starting point for hikes through the Zürich Oberland. The city also has a rich cultural offer through its many associations which offer concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances. As for the sportsmen, they benefit from the top-of-the-range facilities to practice ice hockey, curling, skating, swimming, volleyball, football. Real estate prices in Wetzikon are much lower than in Zürich, one of the most expensive cities in Switzerland. They are on average equivalent to those of Dietikon, another municipality in the greater Zürich area.