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22/10/2019 | Sell my property

Selling a property is not an improvisation. Take an advantage of the assistance and advice of a real estate agent

Selling a property is not an improvisation. Take an advantage of the assistance and advice of a real estate agent

The sale of a house or an apartment is always an important step in life associated with strong emotions and serious financial challenges. Taking advantage of the services of a professional real estate agent who can ensure the actual added value thanks to the skills and excellent knowledge of the market, it is possible to go through this stage with calm and to avoid risk.

A real estate agent – an indispensable specialist when selling a house or an apartment
A real estate agent – an indispensable specialist when selling a house or an apartment

A real estate agent – a specialist who will take care of everything

A real estate agent plays an extremely important role in the relationship between the vendor and the customer. It is a person who listens to the property owner, offers advice and support and provides assistance throughout the entire sales process. In short, the agent « takes care of everything. » Anyone who has experienced selling real estate on their own – especially on a difficult market – knows how much time and energy it consumes, generating a lot of stress without any guarantee of success.

A real estate agent – an expert in the market and legal regulations

  • A professional agent is an expert in the local market and current real estate trends. He also has basic knowledge of the assessment of real estate property condition, which allows determining the price of the property that is consistent with the actual market value. There is no denying that property owners often overestimate the value of a property.
  • The agent is familiar with legal and fiscal issues pertaining to real estate. Valuable information provided by the agent enable avoiding onerous and difficult reading of binding legal regulations.
  • The agent is a specialist in the area of real estate marketing and helps owners to show the advantages of a house or an apartment in the most favorable light. He advises on how to prepare interiors for the visits of potential customers so that they can feel at home, which can facilitate the buying decision. If necessary, the agent will offer so-called home staging services.
  • The agent accompanies potential customers during their visits. As an excellent negotiator and expert in interpersonal relations in the sales process, he is an intermediary between the vendor and the potential customer, striving for the success of a transaction in which, apart from the financial aspect, emotions play a huge role. This allows the vendor to avoid stressful negotiations with the customer.
  • The agent knows the expectations of customers and, therefore, can offer valuable advice to the vendor. It is difficult for the owner to objectively and impartially look at the property during the sales process.

To summarise, the real estate agent takes over the stressful formalities related to sales from the owner. He knows the customers he introduces to the vendor and their financial capabilities. He negotiates on behalf of the vendor, explains the particular stages with a calendar in hand, he collects the documents necessary to conclude a preliminary contract and sign the act of sale with the notary. When he completes the tasks it means that the property has been sold successfully!

Lookmove offers assistance with sales, promoting the support of real estate agents

  • Listings are published free of charge – just a few clicks and a short online questionnaire are enough.
  • One of our agents in a given region contacts the vendor to evaluate the real estate property. If the vendor decides to cooperate with the agent, he helps in optimizing the listing and publishes it free of charge on Lookmove.
  • After the publication of the listing, the agent starts searching for potential customers. It is worth knowing that the agent often has a list of people who may be interested in the property. In such a case, the waiting time will be significantly shorter.
Publication of a listing on the Lookmove is a better chance for quick sale at a favorable price thanks to the assistance of an agent cooperating with us in a given area!


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